Friday, October 13, 2017

New Equipment has Arrived!

Many of you have noticed our new maintenance vehicles cruising around the course this fall.  We have made a major investment back into the course conditions by upgrading and refurbishing our current fleet.  A few of the items that were purchased include a new fairway aerifier, tractor, fairway mower, bank mowers, sprayer, blower, and maintenance carts.  Since arriving at The Moors in 2002, we have made a concentrated effort on keeping our equipment operating at an elite level.  This is important to provide the quality conditions as well as creating efficiency.  Technology is prevalent in turf equipment as it is in most all industries.  The improvements to the machines are significant and the difference is immediately noticeable.

Our strategy for equipment purchasing hasn't wavered since 2002.  Every five years, we begin a new "package" that replenish and updates our fleet.  At the end of five years, we own the equipment from that package.  We will then enter a new package replacing other machines or adding new machines for specific tasks.  Machines lifespans vary from 5-15 years.  We take all of this into consideration and keep the machines in proper working condition until it is time to upgrade.  This has enabled us to push the course to new levels each and every year.

As we enjoy this beautiful Fall, keep your eye out for the new shiny equipment!  Enjoy the rest of the season.

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