Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Spring!  We have been experiencing beautiful weather over the last few days.  Spring is a great time of year as the flowering trees are in full bloom.  As the trees are flowering, the turf, primarily the Poa Annua, is attempting to flower as well.  This is evident by the little white clusters on the greens, tees, and fairways.  We try to minimize this with a combination of growth regulators that are supposed to suppress the seedhead production.  Every year, the level of control seems to differ based on the weather conditions and when the products were applied.  The reason that we try to minimize the "flowering" is that it can become disruptive on the putting surface.  From an agronomic standpoint, we try to reduce it so that the plant doesn't use so much energy to produce the seed.  By conserving this energy, the plant will be stronger going into the summer battle.  The seedheads that have broken through will be present for about two weeks.  After that, we will return to normal conditions and enter summer ready for another great year.

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